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  • Do I need boat insurance?

    Boat insurance is not actually a legal requirement in the UK, but if you are considering investing thousands of pounds in a boat it’s wise to protect it. Evidence of third party insurance is compulsory at most marinas, harbours and in recognised mooring areas. To obtain an inland waterways licence, you may need to produce proof of third party insurance. Most lakes and reservoirs require the same.

  • Is my boat covered whilst in transit by road?

    Loss or damage to the boat is automatically provided for boats less than 30’ in length. We can cover larger boats providing the transit is undertaken by a professional transportation company using purpose built trailers, but you need to notify us in advance.

  • How do I value my boat?
    The value of your boat should reflect the current market value. The price you paid for the boat is normally a good indicator of this. Where the value is not known or ambiguous we may need an independent valuation.
  • What does boat insurance cover include and exclude?

    The Summary of Cover that accompany policies will summarise the main cover and exclusions.

    Boat insurance policies generally include:

    • Fire/Explosion
    • Theft/Attempted Theft
    • Vandalism/Piracy
    • Storm
    • Contact with Third Party Objects
    • Your negligence

    Boat insurance policies generally exclude:

    • Wear, tear, depreciation or gradual deterioration
    • Gradual breakdown
    • Corrosion or electrolysis
    • Deliberate acts of negligence or recklessness under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • If I lend my boat to a friend will I be covered?

    Yes, provided they are doing so with your permission and you are confident in their ability to handle the boat.

  • Can I change my permanent mooring location?

    Yes, you must advise us of any relevant changes to your own or the boat’s circumstances throughout the year, at the very latest by renewal.

  • Do I need to insure my boat if I don't use it?

    As a general rule, most boatyards and marinas would expect you to retain at least Third Party Insurance whilst the boat is on their premises, but you should also consider other risks such as fire, theft, malicious damage and stress of weather. 12 month laid up policies at reduced rates are available.

  • Will you need a survey of my boat?

    We will generally require surveys on boats greater than 23’ which are over 20 years in age. Once this has been satisfactorily completed we will not ask for another one for at least 5 years.

  • Does my policy cover racing?

    Not automatically. Cover is normally available at an additional premium.

  • How much does boat insurance cost?

    Factors that affect your premium include the value, size, type and age of boat, and where you keep and use it.

  • Can I get my premium refunded if I change my mind?

    If you cancel your policy within 14 days of receiving it (or for renewals, within 14 days of your policy renewal date), we will charge you on a pro rata basis for the time we have been on cover subject to a minimum premium of £50 (plus Insurance Premium Tax) for yacht policies and £25 (plus Insurance Premium Tax) for Smallcraft policies. If you cancel your policy after this period, we will give you a refund in proportion to the time left until your current period of insurance is due to expire.

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