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We will quote based on the following assumptions:

  • You are a UK resident

  • You have made no claims in the past five years

  • 20% no claims bonus where applicable

  • You have a minimum of three years’ experience with similar craft

  • Craft is for private pleasure use only

  • Craft construction is professional and of GRP or steel

  • Craft is not converted or modified

  • Craft is based in the UK on British Waterways, Broads Authority or Marina mooring and is used on British Inland Waterways only

  • Craft is not residential

Please confirm you have read the important information and agree to the assumptions. If you cannot agree to these assumptions please call us on 01273 863420 and we will discuss your insurance requirements with you. It is your responsibility to ensure all information provided by you is accurate and complete. If we are given wrong information you may not be covered or a claim may not be paid in full.